Consmin’s wholly owned Australian subsidiary, Pilbara Manganese, produces a very high-grade manganese ore.

Australia is the world’s largest island, situated in the southern hemisphere and covering a surface area of more than 7.7 million km². In a stable, culturally diverse and democratic society, Australia has a strong, competitive economy and is the only nation to govern an entire continent.

Australia’s population, some 24 million people, reside in sparsely separated cities along the 36,000km of coastline. Australia accommodates a wide range of indigenous tradition and multiculturalism. Exceptional health services, education and lifestyle choices are enticing to residents and visitors alike.

Economic growth in Australia has maintained a strong presence and solid productivity gains have been supplemented with low inflation and interest rates. Australia is considered a reliable and competitive supplier in the export of high-quality mineral and energy products. Economic growth has benefited from resource exports that have contributed to almost half of Australia’s total export earnings.