Consmin realises that our people and their attitude makes the difference therefore we are committed to an environment that creates opportunities for our people to grow towards their potential and contribute to the company’s success. The behaviour that supports us in enabling our people to reach their potential include:

welcoming challenges and new ideas

proper recruitment and placement procedures

training and mentoring our people

seeking to understand our people’s goals and helping them to develop and reach their goals

delegating decisions to the lowest appropriate level

regular performance tracking and feedback



We demonstrate honesty, integrity, open communications and respect in our dealings with each other and our external stakeholders. The behaviours that support us in ensuring trust is a key value include:

delivering on our promises

demonstrating team work

sharing information and ideas and transparency in the process

supporting and respecting one other

engaging with the communities in which we work to build trust


High performance

We aim to achieve our goals as efficiently as possible. We do this through employing people of value and behaving in the following ways:

taking responsibility to achieve the best result; take ownership of their domain

setting challenging goals and supporting each other in order to achieve them

sharing information and experience about lessons learnt

giving each other regular feedback and encouragement and celebrating success

promoting excellence in the workplace. Do it right the first time.